Slot machines variable interval schedule of reinforcement

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Variable-ratio schedules vary the number of behaviors required to get a reward. This schedule leads to a high rate of responses and is also hard to extinguish because its variability maintains the behavior. Slot machines use this kind of reinforcement schedule. Fixed-interval schedules provide a reward after a specific amount of time passes ...

Schedules of Reinforcement - Indiana University responding too late (reduced rate of reinforcement). Variable Interval Schedules lReinforcerdelivered immediately following the firstresponse to occur after the current interval is over. lInterval size varies unpredictably after each reinforcer delivery; schedule specified by the average interval size. lSymbolized as VI x, where x is the average Variable Reinforcement: Definition & Examples - Variable Reinforcement: Definition & Examples ... it's effectively used in a variety of areas including playing slot machines that pay out when you least expect it or pop quizzes that can happen ... Reinforcement Schedules | The Mandt System Variable Ratio Reinforcement – the reinforcement is offered at times that are completely unpredictable (when people play slot machines they will repeatedly put money into the machine for the 1 in a million chance of winning big).

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Alan Krigman explains why slot machines are capable of producing ... "the slot machine's ... interest is kept up by the variable interval reinforcement of the ... Variable-Ratio Schedules Characteristics

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Reinforcement The term reinforce means to strengthen, and is used in psychology to refer to anything stimulus which strengthens or increases the probability of What Is Operant Conditioning? Definition and Examples